A poem from my heart


It’s been kind of hectic lately, a lot of changes. For the good actually. I have decided to focus on my passion full time and give it everything I’ve got. An adventure to say the least. I’m sure there will be ups and downs and trials and tests along the way. I am ready, I’m ready to jump into my life…To make my life happen the way I see it. I am not fulfilled working for others and for soul less corporations anymore that just don’t see or respect me as a person. I feel such a strong pull to do something more…something with meaning and heart that will make a difference in people’s lives and helping others in their healing process, just like I’m learning to heal. I have been having so many ideas lately. Writing poetry with my jewelry and photography has been something that has been coming to me strong and very natural lately. By writing messages of hope, love and healing I believe it will help others as well as help heal myself. I know that I have to go with what I feel, really feel it, write it, acknowledge my feelings and let it go. Having a supportive husband that loves me and helps me in my healing process means the world to me and I am so very grateful. No more second guessing myself anymore. I have been truly touched by having such a wonderful support system by people that see me and encourage and inspire me to keep doing what I love because it’s really special and beautiful. I am listening and finally realizing that yes it is special and I need to do this full time and really go after my passion. There may not be a tomorrow so go after what you really long for in life. Do what you love and the world will support you. It may take some work, just don’t ever give up. I have had some sales and people interested in my work lately as well. I feel like I’ve been invisible for so long, I feel like people are really seeing me and it feels really good. Could it be that I’m finally starting to see myself? Hmmm…interesting.

I did some abstract photography the other day and I think I got some really neat, deep and perhaps meditative photographs. A poem came to me from this one and It is very fitting with what I’ve been going through lately. Hope you enjoy 🙂 Any comments or questions are more than welcome.


Reach into the painting of life,

Feel all of the colors between your fingers,

Let the beauty swirl all around you,

It’s always been there for you,

So jump,

Jump all the way in and create your masterpiece.

Photography and poetry by: Lisa Novak

I haven’t listed this one on etsy yet, if interested please message me.

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Please, do come in


Welcome to my studio, yes I am aware that this is also a kitchen, lol. It is my lovely kitchen/studio in one. We do have a guest room that we turned into a gallery/studio that I like to do writing and my photography in. Since I am working with resin I like to have adequate light and a larger area for ventilation. My wonderful husband agreed to take some photographs of me in action! He is quite the photographer. He amazes me at everything he does. He really is very talented. What can I say I married a Genius! Today actually marks three years of being together. Three years ago today he asked me if he could have the honor of relationshipifying me on Facebook. It was the sweetest thing in the world. In March it will be one year being married. He is my world, my breath, my everything. I am so very grateful that we found each other. He inspires me in everything I do.

Here I am just getting started by prepping my medium. What is that you ask? Well it’s my dried rose petals I use to create my “Heart Story” pendants.


Here is one in the shape of a heart. I am really having fun. I enjoy creating and making jewelry and art. It does something for my heart and soul that is tough to explain, but I’m going to try in this post. My pendants have been speaking to me in a way lately. (Not literally) I’m an artist but I’m not crazy, lol. More on that in a bit.


Here I am just getting started with the resin. I love the angle of this shot.


This procees usually takes me about 2 hours, including prep time until I am ready to let them cure. Curing takes 24 hours before I can pop them out of the molds.


Working on the first pendant.


As you can tell there is quite a bit of time and work that goes into making my “Heart Story” pendants. I also have to trim, sand and glaze all the pendants, as well as glue on my bails and hand make the custom length satin or suede necklace. The reason I do all of this is because it is my passion and I have a strong pull (a need really) to create art and share my work with others. For me it’s about love, it’s about joy, it’s about helping others.

Here is a pic of the back side of the pendants about halfway through curing.


I am actually still working on this batch right now. Hopefully I will have them ready to photograph and list on my etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/PassionOfLight within the week. I am extremely focused on getting more made so that I can have extra available for when I find the perfect little shop that is right for me and my work. I am also going to try out the art walks they have here in the Phoenix area as well. Really excited and nervous.

So to get back to the pendants speaking to me, I have decided to include a heart story poem to go with each pendant. I hand write the poem and roll it into a little scroll, tie it with a gold ribbon and enclose it in the jewelry box. I feel it’s perfect. When I came up with the name of “Heart Story” pendants, inspired by love. It really just came to me, I didn’t have to think about it, it just came to me so naturally. Like it was meant to be, just as these inspirational poems are coming to me. Each pendant is sharing with me what to say, the poems are flowing freely. It’s funny because I used to have a hard time finding the right words and I wouldn’t call myself a writer before, I always felt like the words were just out of my reach. Not anymore though. It feels really good actually, to have all these beautiful words come to me. I feel that it is a reflection of going through my own healing and how I wish to help others heal too. So in a nutshell what I am writing and creating is meant for others and myself. I think by sharing my passion and art with others I’m helping to heal the world by healing myself, and that feels really good. Excited to share that I have had four sales this month already, I just feel it in my heart that my dream is coming true and everything is lining up perfectly.

I would like to end on two of my favorite quotes, it seems fitting. The first quote is dedicated to my husband.

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”
David Viscott

“The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The meaning of life is to give your gift away.”
David Viscott

Well I’ve opened up myself to all of you out there, why? because I’m finally ready to. I’m ready to come out of my cocoon and share my gift with the world.

I really hope you enjoyed seeing me in my studio and learning more about me and my work. I still have so much to share, It’s like a dam has broke loose and I’m finally set free.

Much more to come.

As always, comments and questions are more than welcome.

Till next time,


Passion Of Light